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3 Ways to Prevent Damage to Your Home


Inclement weather, a freak accident or even a burglar who just couldn’t help him or herself – whatever the case, your property might be prone to damage of some kind. It’s not a fun reality, but it’s a reality nonetheless.

That’s why it’s a good idea to consider preparation for these sorts of events ahead of time to give you the protections and capabilities you need to recover.

Try these tips on for size. 

Flood preparation

Whether you’re in a flood plain or not, you could still be prone to flash flooding or water damage of other kinds like sewer backup. That’s why it’s important to prepare and keep your most valued possessions safe from this potential danger. 

One of the first things you should do is check any crucial units – inside or outside – that have the potential to experience damage if flooding were to rise above a certain level. This may include air conditioning units, circuit breakers, water heaters or laundry machines – consider putting them on feet or platforms to raise them an inch or two above the likely flood level.

And if rain is coming, make sure your gutters, eaves and downspouts are clear – a blockage in these outlets could cause pooling along the side of your house that can enter the premises 

Fire preparation

We all know the basics – smoke detectors on every level and an unexpired fire extinguisher close at hand. But what else can you do to protect your property from potentially debilitating fire damage?

Particularly during the winter time, heaters are prevalent in your home. Make sure that if you utilize space heaters, you keep flammable materials away from them. These portable heaters are also best left turned off when the entire house is asleep.

And when is the last time you checked your smoke alarm batteries? Don’t forget to do this as often as monthly.

Burglary preparation

Burglars can target any type of home in any type of neighborhood, so it’s always good to take precautions to protect yourself from this potential intrusion. Breaking and entering (it says it right there in the phrase) breaks your home. So it often goes beyond simply loss of possessions – it can also cause physical damage. 

One preparation is simple – when you’re not around or when you’re sleeping, keep your blinds or curtains closed. You’d be surprised how many burglaries are motivated simply by visual cues of valuable items inside the house seen through windows. Conversely, well-lit areas are generally less susceptible to burglary, so consider motion-activated lighting on the outside of your home to potentially ward off intruders.

Finally, locks are clearly important. But how secure are your door locks? Consider installing deadbolts at your entry points for an extra level of security that a simple knob lock doesn’t offer.


Sources:, American Red Cross

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