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4 Budget-Friendly Ways to Enhance Your Bathroom Space


A bathroom is arguably one of the most important rooms in a home. According to studies, an average adult will spend 416 days of his or her life in a bathroom. Bathrooms should be quiet, practical, private—and hopefully clean. In order to preserve or extend the usefulness of your bathroom, it may need a makeover. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a not-so-handyman, having a fine-looking and functional bathroom can add value to your home for years to come.

Check out these guidelines to help enhance your bathroom on a budget.

Touch Up

Instead of completely replacing one, refinishing a tub can change the whole look of your bathroom without costing a lot of money. Bathtubs get used regularly. Their surfaces are often blemished and full of stains or bacteria. This is work you can do on your own, with plenty of guides online to help you out.

Check out this video tutorial to get started:



Save Space

We do a lot of our daily activities in the bathroom, so oftentimes the counter space is cluttered. It might seem natural to keep all your personal toiletries on the countertop, but try to think about all the space your bathroom has to offer. Cabinets, shelving and other storage items can enhance your bathroom’s look and help keep it tidy. Different types and styles of storage can give you customization options. Choose items that best fit your style.


Switching out old faucets, drains and sink and drawer handles can give a new look to an old bathroom. Small details really do make a big difference. New curtain rods, towel racks and robe hooks are other items that can make a bathroom pop.


One unique way you can have at least a psychological effect on the space in your bathroom is to consider repainting. A lighter shade of paint on your walls can make the space feel more open—and if your bathroom features trim, making it a lighter shade than your wall color can actually make it feel further away and extend the space vertically.

The bathroom is part of most people’s morning rituals. Setting the mood for your day is important, and what better place to boost your spirits? Following these guidelines can help add that boost to your day.

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