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4 Considerations When Adding on a Deck or Porch


Porches and decks are ingrained into American culture, and they’ve been a huge part of our pastimes. Decks bring up memories of the summertime and grilling. They’re a sociable home addition, not only offering a purpose, but also increasing your house’s outside appeal. Decks and porches can add a touch of personality to any front or backyard.

Consider these guidelines if you're planning to add a deck or porch to your home.

1. Materials

There are various benefits for the different types of materials out of which you can make your porch or deck — for example, composite decking is growing more popular. Some of the benefits of composite products are that they’re low-maintenance. They allow no splinters, no staining and minimal color fade.

Sometimes classic wood decking can be your best bet, though. Wood doesn’t get as hot as composite products. Wood can add an element that can’t be imitated. Its classic feel and smell can add a relaxing atmosphere.

2. Space

Determining how much space your porch or deck will take up is important. This may seem obvious, but make sure there are no trees, bushes or rocks restricting your deck or porch’s potential. If you have to make your deck or porch smaller because of an environmental factor, this will limit space for furniture or appliances, significantly changing how you can utilize your space. Make sure you lay out a plan before diving into your project.

3. Sunlight

Everybody wants to enjoy their decks in the sunlight.  Unlike porches, which are usually shaded from the house’s roof, decks give you the opportunity to soak up some sun. Take into consideration the direction your backyard faces before constructing a deck. Where you live can drastically affect how you enjoy your deck or porch.

  • North: Gets little to no sun and is ideal for hot climates.
  • South: Gets the most sun and is ideal for cool climates.
  • East: Gets morning sun.
  • West: Gets afternoon sun.

4. Features

For some, your porch or deck’s features can make or break its function. There are many options when it comes to outdoor enhancing. Outdoor lighting, quality paints, ceiling fans and bug screens are all great marks of a nice porch. Consider beautifying your deck with hanging baskets and plants or a pergola. Because additional features can cost extra money, be sure to plan accordingly when budgeting.

Porches are having something of a resurgence lately. Of the American houses built in 2020, nearly one in three homes were built with a porch. Join the trend and enjoy these American traditions.Find Out More About the First-Time Homebuyer Program

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