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4 Key Home Improvements to Make Before Selling


Have you decided to sell your home and you’re not sure where to start with sprucing up the place for the sale? Putting in the effort to make your home stand out will help it sell and add extra reinforcement to your asking price.

Consider these four home improvements before you sell.

Don’t Underestimate Your Front Door

When it comes to social interactions, first impressions make a huge impact. The same rule applies when selling your home. Make sure your front door and surrounding landscaping act as a firm handshake and attractive smile.

A working doorbell and an overhang to protect from the rain or hot sun will go a long way in making a great initial impression and won’t break the bank. A tidy entryway with some closet space, a place for keys and a vase of flowers will keep the momentum swinging your way. 

One last thing—remember to trim the lawn and brighten up the exterior with some shrubs and flowers. The curb appeal is worth the extra effort.

Give Odd Spaces Purpose

Can you think of any empty corners or odd nooks that lack a function? Don’t let potential buyers get confused about what to do with space—give it a purpose beforehand. Turn those nooks into a quiet study area or a stylish display corner for cherished heirlooms.

This helps prevent potential buyers from getting overwhelmed with what they’re going to do with the space and gives them an idea or two instead of leaving them wondering.

Bid Farewell

If you haven’t heard, popcorn ceilings will turn a lot of potential buyers away. Removing the thousands of bumps from your ceiling can be a do-it-yourself project, but older ceilings from the 70s or earlier contain asbestos and require professional removal. Proceed with caution.

Renovate the Kitchen and Bath

A massive selling point for homes is the kitchen. Some might say you’re selling your kitchen rather than the house. You could drop serious money into kitchen renovations, but you’ll get most of that investment back. Replacing cabinet hinges and handles can be a relatively quick and inexpensive upgrade, along with a fresh coat of neutral-colored paint on the walls.

Bathrooms are also a hot spot, and even small updates can go a long way in giving your bathroom a freshened appearance. Replace frosted windows, apply a fresh coat of grout to the tub, add a new toilet cover and mirror and your bathroom is already looking spiffy. 

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