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5 Exterior Features to Make Your Home More Sellable


You put a lot of time and energy into creating a high-quality property to put on the housing market, but when it comes to going the extra mile, what features should you include? Exterior elements of a property can have a surprisingly large impact on marketability.

Here are five exterior features to consider.


One of the most sought-after exterior features in a property, according to the National Association of Home Builders, is well-executed exterior lighting. Whether it's shedding some light on a meticulously designed deck or expertly crafted landscaping, lighting can be an important selling point. Don't stop at merely a motion-sensor safety light—add lighting that enhances the aesthetic appeal, especially in outdoor seating areas.

Cooking Stations

Whether you're investing in building a fully equipped outdoor kitchen on your property or simply including a fixed barbecue with counter space in a functional spot, exterior cooking capability can be a strong case for a home purchase for many buyers. A study found that homes on the market with barbecue stations are on average 26 percent more valuable than those without.

Seating Areas

What's one of the first home improvements you often hear a recent homebuyer talk about? Beyond room painting and perhaps some new carpets, adding a deck or patio is likely one of the first big projects homeowners tackle. What if you made it even easier to envision future backyard gatherings and secluded outdoor hideaways, though? A study from Kiplinger found that 87 percent of homebuyers look for an existing patio when searching for a property. Take the DIY out of the equation, and preemptively include outdoor seating areas before your home hits the market.

Garage Enhancements

Beyond the primary dwelling on the property, the garage can be a huge selling point for buyers. In fact, the American Institute of Architects recently issued survey results that indicated docking stations for electric cars are becoming some of the most sought-after features in new homes. Take this space to the next level—anticipate storage needs for both scale and style. Build storage into the structure and increase the value of your property.

Green Features

Particularly in urban settings, homeowners may seek out opportunities to reduce their environmental impact in their living choices. That means homes can improve their attractiveness quotient to buyers with eco-friendly features. This may include energy-efficiency features, such as rooftop solar panels, or water-saving features, such as drainage or rain-routing systems that maximize use of water for gardens and flower beds on the property.

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