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5 Ways to Save Money on Your Move

Posted by South Dakota Housing Authority on May 6, 2016 5:23:58 PM


Planning a move to a new house soon? Do you have a game plan for getting your belongings to their new home?

Moving is enough work as it is – make sure you’re taking as many steps as you can to save yourself some money and some headache throughout the process. Try these tips out for size when it comes time to start packing.

Be utility-smart

Make sure your current utility providers and your upcoming utility providers know your move-out and move-in dates, respectively. Don’t get stuck overpaying for an extra month of service if you don’t have to. The same goes for luxury services, such as cable or internet – keep your expenses to their minimum.

Sell or donate

One great way to not only unload some excess stuff, as well as potentially add to your moving expense fund, is to sell. Whether you sell used items online or host a moving garage sale, there’s an opportunity to get some immediate cash for things you don’t use anymore.

Or if you can wait for the windfall, donate old clothes or furniture you no longer want to a charitable organization. If you hang onto your receipts, you can benefit from potential tax deductions at the end of the year.

Take care

Make sure your packing style is beneficial to your belongings – you’ll save money on having to replace needed items. Give fragile items space enough to prevent breaking, and keep the fitted sheet on your mattresses to help protect from tears. And this maybe goes without saying, but keep heavier boxes toward the bottom and lighter, fragile boxes toward the top. These no-nonsense packing tips can save you some unforeseen expenses once you start unpacking at your new house.

Grab some free cardboard

Any grocery stores or big retail stores in your town? More than likely these businesses will have ample excess boxes from their weekly product shipments. Save yourself the trouble (and money) of purchasing brand-new boxes you’ll only use once. Check with a manager about setting aside boxes for you. Chances are they’ll be happy to have them taken off their hands.

Do it yourself

One of the biggest expenses that comes with this process is hiring a moving company. Consider doing it yourself to save some cash. If you have able-bodied friends and family who can assist, call in some favors (and be sure to return the favor when they’re moving next) – and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have loved ones with pickup trucks.

But if doing it yourself just isn’t in the cards, make sure you shop around and get the best price estimate on your movers. (An added bonus – if your move is the result of a new job offer, some companies may even assist you with the associated costs.) Companies will likely come to your house to get an idea of how many large items and boxes the job will entail. Select a business with a great reputation and a reasonable price.


Be smart about your move – your wallet (and your demeanor) will see the benefits of following these simple tips.

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Free e-book download: A South Dakotan's Guide to Buying Your First Home, Volume 2: Searching