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Free Download: A South Dakotan's Guide to Buying Your First Home

Your first time applying for a mortgage, house-shopping, obtaining a home inspection - it can get daunting. But it can all be worth it if you have the right information to guide you through the process.

Arm yourself with the knowledge you need to feel confident in your decision-making process, from setting your budget to closing on your first home.


After all, there are several key benefits to buying a home, including setting yourself up with more living space,
the tax benefits that come from mortgage interest or a mortgage credit certificate, the ability to make improvements as you see fit and a sense of pride and ownership of your own space.

SDHDA has created this e-book specifically to assist you in working through the process of financing your first home in South Dakota. This volume contains helpful information on:

  • Establishing budgets
  • Finding financial assistance
  • Shopping for a mortgage


Click below to download our free e-book now!

E-Book Download A South Dakotan's Guide to Buying Your First Home Vol. 1

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