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How to Tell When You've Outgrown Your Starter Home


You're no stranger to the homebuying process. You bought your first home, and perhaps have been in it for many years. When is it time to upgrade? How can you tell when you've outgrown your starter home? Other than the obvious—your family members now outnumber your available bedrooms, etc.—what other signs indicate it's time to make the move?

Here are four signs you might be due for a repeat homebuying experience.

The Boxes Are Stacking Up

One surefire sign that you've more than likely outgrown your starter home is the presence of stacks. Once you find yourself stacking boxes in corners to free up some space (or one of your spare rooms essentially turns into a storage space), it might be time to either host a garage sale or consider expanding your living space (or both, for that matter). If tripping over a box or a stray item on the floor is commonplace, you may need some extra room to better organize your belongings.

Hosting is Problematic

As a homeowner, odds are you enjoy hosting friends and family now and again. If this is starting to become a chore or virtually impossible, it might be a sign your starter home isn't cutting it any longer. This goes for overnight guests, too—if you aren't able to be as hospitable as you'd like to visitors or your guest bedroom has spilled over into a catch-all, you could probably use an extra room or two or even just a little more space in which to spread out.

You're Out of Place

Your home might not be positioned where you truly spend your time (i.e., work, play, family, friends, etc.). Particularly if you moved from a different city when you first bought—you may not have yet known where you'd be spending most of your time. Long commutes and endless drives to get to your favorite spots around town may be a signal that it's time to move to a neighborhood that suits you better.

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