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The Guide to Securing a Safe, Comfortable Apartment on a Budget


When it comes to apartment-hunting, weighing the pros and cons between "safe/comfortable/attractive" and "affordable/budget-friendly" can be a task. However, there are measures you can take to make searching for an ideal place even easier.

Here are some starter tips for finding a safe, comfortable apartment on a budget.


Finding an awesome place to rent without breaking the bank can take some prioritizing of your deal-breakers and deal-makers. You may not be able to get everything you want from your list of attributes of an ideal apartment, but you can get the most important ones. Is closeness to your workplace important? How about off-street parking for the safety and security of your vehicle? Perhaps you most value having a separate bedroom for your children? Before you start your search, make a ranked list of priorities—and stick to it!

Time it Out

One factor that can have an impact on what's available in your community is timing. Searching for a rental property at the end of the month can mean less options and more competition for affordable, desirable units. Take into account whether your community is home to a college or university—unit availability will probably spike at ends of semesters or school years. Maybe your community experiences a range of temperatures—try to move when the weather is warmer, when tenants are likely to choose to vacate.

Seek Out Unit-to-Unit Variation

There may be size variations that make certain units less expensive. Often the most prized units in an apartment complex are those at the ground level, with easy access to vehicles and exits, and those at the highest level, with the greatest amount of privacy. Look for units in the middle—in larger properties they may even be more affordable for renters on a budget.

Look to the New

Think newly developed apartments are out of your price range? You'd be surprised how many were either developed with affordable housing in mind or have incentives for new renters. Search to find affordable housing in your desired location. 

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