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What to Look for in a Loft Apartment


When seeking the perfect rental for a more urban lifestyle, many people turn to the desirable nature of a loft that offers the work-play atmosphere that is increasing in popularity. With more and more households in search of the walkability of a bustling neighborhood, lofts can offer a lot in terms of aesthetic and convenience.

Here are a few things we recommend keeping in mind when going on the hunt for a loft apartment.


One of the biggest compromises you'll likely have to make when deciding to rent a loft-style space is noise. While lofts can offer you quick walking distance to dining, entertainment and workspace options, this popularity can also come with a higher level of street noise that isn't always accounted for in the building structure and window installation. If you're willing to give up a little bit more silence than you would in the average apartment, than a loft may be right up your alley. If you prefer the quiet of a residential area, you might be better suited for an apartment complex or rental house.


One of the biggest benefits of many loft-style apartments is the maximization of space. While many standard apartment units are built fairly uniformly, lofts usually feature higher ceilings and more flexibility and openness in the overall space. If you have a lot of creative ideas to use your vertical space and like the ability to form your living areas to a particular vision, a loft may offer more opportunity to do so. If you value efficiency and predictability of space, however, a more standard residence may be more suited to you. 


Those high ceilings and large windows can create a really unique and pleasing atmosphere for your living space. But they can also be difficult to keep heated and cooled. Many loft apartments may come with a heftier utility bill to cover the cost of temperature-controlling a likely older, more industrial space. When searching for loft-apartment options, make sure to ask landlords about utility policies—are tenants responsible for these bills or are they included into the total cost of rent?


An open layout can come with a lot of benefits, including being able to mold your space to your own dream setup with your larger furniture pieces. However, one drawback can be a lack of built-in storage. While most apartment complexes and rental homes will come standard with cabinetry, cupboards and closets with shelves, loft apartments may be more open-ended wall-to-wall. Consider whether or not you have the shelving and movable, storage-based furniture to accommodate the storage you'll require.


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