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3 Tips for Finding Affordable Housing


Nowadays, timing is everything. Finding out how to locate and apply for affordable housing may seem like a huge task, but, with the help of SDHDA, the search can be attainable. To make things less complicated, we came up with a list of ways to find affordable housing.

Here are three tips for finding affordable housing near you.


Join Online Housing Groups

There are tons of online resources for finding housing, but there’s something special about local online groups. These groups are valuable, because they will give you specialized and localized advice. Using online groups to find your house or apartment, is an easy way to get information quickly.


Real Estate Apps

The real estate of today is a lot different from years past. Technology has helped more and more people find the house or apartment of their dreams. Mobile real estate apps are a great way to communicate with real estate agents and homeowners and stay up to date on potential purchases. You’ll have access to instant notifications—nothing beats that. With easy accessibility, though, you might be more tempted to make an impulse purchase. Don’t let the ease of house-hunting get in the way of finding the right place for you.


SD Housing Search

SD Housing Search is one-of-a-kind tool. This is your best bet at finding affordable rental housing in South Dakota. Geolocation will show you all the affordable housing around you. The best part is that it’s simple and very easy to use. Search by location or zoom and choose icons representing an affordable property. Explore SD Housing Search, and you’ll be that much closer to finding your next home.


In short, affordable housing makes the world a better place. Using the suggestions above is all about relieving stress and helping to make the process of finding your dream home or apartment simple and easy.

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