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5 Things to Look for When Picking Your New Neighborhood


When house-hunting, one of the best things you can do to ensure a bright future in your new home is to take stock of the surrounding neighborhood. Depending on your situation, you might look out for school options, nearby activities, parks or prevalence of crime.

Here are five other points you should take into consideration when picking out your ideal neighborhood. 


While some neighborhoods might be on the rise, growth-wise, offering newer homes and more modern fixtures, it could also mean future commercial development. If being near shopping centers or office buildings is a deal-breaker for you, talk to your city planning office to discuss how undeveloped land in and around your neighborhood is zoned.


What is the traffic like in the neighborhoods you’re considering? If you have pets or young children, high-traffic streets might not be the best fit, particularly if you want to engage in outdoor or yard-based activities. This can also be a sign of noise levels. Check to see if your potential home is near or on an emergency route in which you might hear frequent sirens. (Added bonus of an emergency route though? They’re often the first streets to get plowed after a snowfall!)


If you live in an area that experiences seasonably warm weather, it can be nice to walk or bike places on occasion. Do the neighborhoods you’re considering have places of interest within walking distance, whether it’s grocery or convenience stores, parks or playgrounds or even your place of work? 


Speaking of work, make sure that you’re selecting a neighborhood that you can feasibly get back and forth to easily and in a timely matter. If you don’t mind a long commute, you have more freedom in choosing your location —if you like a short commute, clock the distance. For those that utilize public transportation, make sure you’re within reasonable walking distance of a bus stop. 


Some people love being in the thick of activities in a town or city, be they restaurants, sporting arenas or music venues. Others may be less inclined to deal with the noise that comes with being near this level of activity. Make sure that you decide your limits in terms of noise versus nearness to things to do.


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