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5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe and Secure


No matter your living situation, homes big and small contain valuable belongings worthy of an added level of security. There are some small ways you can better protect your property.

Here are five tips for keeping your home safe and secure.


While not everyone can afford a fancy security system, there are some preliminary ways you can secure your entryways. If your primary doors don't feature a deadbolt in addition to a standard knob lock, it takes a minor financial and time investment to install one. Some unique door styles, such as sliding glass doors, might benefit from some extra precautions. These can often be targets for unwanted visitors. If installing triggers to sound the alarm when a glass door is tampered with or broken aren't in your budget, a tool as simple as a dowel in the bottom track of the door can be effective in the late-night hours.


One surefire way to help discourage intruders from attempting to enter your home at night is a well-lit outdoor space. Motion lights at all entrances can keep many intruders at bay. Burglars are likeliest to seek out homes with darkness and tree cover to prevent them from being noticed, so solar and electrical outdoor lighting can work wonders to deter them.


One common mistake among homeowners is not securing all vulnerable entries besides doors. While this could include adding locks to all your ground-level windows, this could also include securing spaces such as dog doors or sills where a window-unit air conditioner is being used. Think of particularly vulnerable smaller entry points such as these when enhancing your security.


Sometimes landscaping or outdoor fixtures can give intruders easier access to less-secure, upper-level windows. Consider removing easily accessible garden trellises or storing tools such as step or extension ladders in secure areas, rather than in or around your yard. Find opportunities to remove these elements that could prove assistive to a burglar. 


Not all security measures involve physical alterations to your space. One way to protect from burglary is to avoid advertising the fact that you're out of town on public-facing digital spaces. This might include your social accounts. Luckily, most social channels and mobile apps include setting options to keep your status updates and photos from being seen by parties other than your friends and family. Look into your privacy settings to keep the fact that you're out of town reserved to a tight circle of trusted loved ones.

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