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How to Apply for Affordable Housing

How to Apply for Affordable Housing

Are you searching for a new place? Start the house-hunting and apartment-shopping with SDHDA. If you haven’t considered affordable housing yet, you might miss out on a quality, reasonably priced new home. Affordability isn’t just reserved for new homeowners. Renters and repeat homebuyers have opportunities to score affordable housing too. Read on for tips on how to make the process as easy as it can be.


Here’s your step-by-step guide on how to apply for affordable housing.


The Qualifications for Rental Housing

Before you apply for affordable rental housing, it’s smart to make sure you have the correct qualifications. The shopping process will be a lot more convenient when you make sure you’re eligible before you apply. The qualifications for programs administered by SDHDA are similar:

  • The main qualifier is income: Annual income may not exceed the applicable income limit.
  • Unit must be household’s only residence.
  • Family has to meet size requirements to qualify for multiple bedrooms.
  • Specific eligibility criteria for certain types of projects may be applied, i.e. seniors, people with disabilities, etc.
  • Documentation of citizenship or eligible immigration status required.
  • Certain full-time students may not be qualified.

Individual landlords may have different selection criteria, so be sure you know that criteria before getting deep into the process.


Affordable Apartments

Wondering where to find an affordable apartment? Look no further than our SD Housing Search, which can help you pinpoint many of the affordable rental housing opportunities throughout the state. It also helps you specify your search by apartment size, address and contact information. After finding the right apartment, applying is one call away.


The Qualifications for Homeownership

For those interested in first time homeownership, qualifications include:

  • Being a first-time homebuyer, meaning you have not owned a home in the past three years
  • Having an income at or below prescribed South Dakota Housing Income Limits.
  • Purchasing a house that is less than $275,000.

For those interested in repeat homeownership, qualifications include:

  • Having an income of less than $93,360 for a family of two or less or $105,420 for a family of three or more
  • Purchasing a house that is less than $336,000
  • Having a minimum credit score of 620

SDHDA Participating Lenders originate, process and close all SDHDA first-time and repeat homebuyer loans. Here are the participating lenders that can help you with the first step in getting financing. The exact requirements for documentation may vary from lender to lender, so you may want to ask what is needed before you set up an appointment.

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