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How to Benefit from an Affordable Housing Program in South Dakota


Are you struggling to find quality, affordable housing for you and your family? Rest assured that you have options. There are multiple ways in which South Dakotans can make use of affordable housing programs to end the struggle.

Here are four ways to enhance your affordable housing search.

Consider Building

You have options right here in South Dakota for building an affordable, energy-efficient home with the help of South Dakota Housing Development Authority (SDHDA). The Governor's House program allows certain income-qualified households to purchase a house at a very reasonable cost. The homeowner is responsible for obtaining a building permit, buying the lot, pouring the foundation, hooking up utilities, obtaining financing and installing floor covering and appliances—and the rest is through a partnership with SDHDA.

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Rent Wisely

Affordable housing doesn't always mean buying your own property—you have assistance options when it comes to rental properties, as well. The Security Deposit Assistance program (SDAP) allows eligible South Dakotans to receive funding for a security deposit. If you meet income standards and live in select South Dakota cities, you might be eligible to benefit from SDAP.

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Get an Upgrade

If you're a current homeowner struggling to make ends meet and your home could use a fresh coat of paint there's a program for that, too! SDHDA offers the Paint–South Dakota program that connects volunteer workers with a community member in need. More than 450 South Dakota homes have been painted via the Paint-South Dakota program, in which community volunteers nominate a local homeowner in need and selected homes are painted at no cost to the owner.

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Search Effectively

Finding your ideal rental property isn't about a broad, blanketed search of apartment databases. You can actually find the best-fit affordable housing property to meet your needs by utilizing SDHDA's Rental Housing Search. It identifies properties near you that receive funding to offer lower rental fees to tenants. You can even filter your search by number of bedrooms.

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