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Listing a Rental: 6 Tips for Writing the Best Apartment Ad


As a property manager, you already know the basics of what to include in a rental ad—number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, square footage and listing and security deposit price all come to mind. But what can you do to enhance your listing to attract the most high-quality applicants?

Here are six potential tips for improving your average apartment ad.

Quality Imagery

Sure, this isn't exactly "writing," but it still has a huge effect on the types of responses you'll receive from your listing. Imagery that is not only high-quality and high-resolution, but also offers several angles of the inside of the unit in question, will resonate with renters. The quality of applicants you receive will likely be a direct reaction to the quality of your listing. And photos that honestly and adequately depict what you're offering (i.e., shots of every room, shots that include fixtures and appliances, etc.) can help you find your best-fit tenant.

Outdoor Areas

Does your property boast outdoor spaces that are free for your tenants to use? Talk about them! If you have patios, courtyards or spaces for grilling, they should be a part of your rental listing. Particularly in larger cities or in downtown areas in which green areas come at a premium, potential applicants want to know that you offer a concrete reprieve. Your listing should be more than a description of the unit (i.e., "2 bedrooms, 1 bath, 1,500 square feet, etc.)—it should depict the "lifestyle" of your entire property.

Pet Policy

More and more members of Generations Y and Z are opting for renting versus buying—so cater to older tenants who may be more inclined to own pets. Rather than keeping your pet policy to yourself and available to an applicant upon request, be upfront. It's a detail that potential renters want to know before they apply, as it can be a dealbreaker or dealmaker. Include any fees or restrictions in your listing—and if you're pet-friendly, brag about it.


When listing digitally or in print classifieds, you'll often be restricted by word count. But in cases where you can add a bit more detail to your listing, consider featuring less heralded aspects of your property. Namely, let potential renters know what sorts of storage options are available to them. Talk about your unit closet space, the square footage of any garage space and any out-of-unit storage availability in other areas of your building.

Manager Bio

Putting a face to a name can have a big impact on a potential applicant's decision to trust a given property management company—and it adds a personal touch that can be comforting before a person lays down that security deposit. Consider featuring your on-site property manager's direct contact info in your listing—it can assure a renter that a landlord or landlady will be available to them with ease in case of appliance or electricity malfunctions or security issues.

Walking-Distance Amenities

When it comes to applicants, you can be extra helpful by providing a verbal picture of what your property's neighborhood looks like. Offer up a list of nearby amenities that are within walking distance (i.e., restaurants, grocery stores, entertainment options, etc.).

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