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4 Things That Can Hold Up Your Mortgage



When the excitement of owning a home sets in, you will likely want to make the process quick and painless to get keys in hand as soon as possible.

But there are a few things that can go awry in the loan-application process that can cause unwanted delays. Here are a few to look out for.

Credit Card Charges

When you have just purchased a new house, you can get carried away buying appliances, tools and other household items. But driving up thousands of dollars of credit card charges is an easy way to get turned down for a mortgage. Mortgage approval is based partly on your debt-to-income ratio, which lenders often recalculate right before closing. Borrowers should wait until after closing to buy big-ticket items like a washing machine or lawn mower.

Last-Minute Changes

This one should come as no surprise - when changes are made last-minute to the application or to the details provided during the lending process, the outcome will very frequently be delayed. It can take time to adjust the application and get it re-approved. The biggest culprit of these delays is typically a change to the loan amount.

Typos and Errors

This can't be stressed enough - a careless misspelling or typo that doesn't get discovered until the last-minute can be difficult to remedy without delaying the loan process. Most often, these errors can include a missing signature, a mistyped social security number or even a misspelled street name in an address. Give your documents a close look before sending them on for processing - it's worth the extra level of scrutiny.

Credit Applications

Once you've found a lender and begun the loan application process, it's best to put any other credit applications on pause. Even if you find a really spectacular offer, anything from an auto loan to a line of credit could negatively impact your loan. You may even want to avoid closing or disputing any credit accounts without talking to your loan professional. 


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