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3 Reasons Your Bank Should Offer Financing for the Purchase of Governor's Houses

Posted by South Dakota Housing Authority on Oct 19, 2018 9:09:03 AM

A lender's roster of home loan products probably includes fixed-rate mortgages, construction loans, home-equity loans, lines of credit and a host of other products. The Governor's House program from SDHDA is one homeownership opportunity that you should promote to your customers or members.

Here are three reasons promoting Governor's Houses can be a positive influence on your institution's brand.

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How Mortgage Lenders Can Better Cater to Veterans

Posted by South Dakota Housing Authority on Aug 16, 2018 4:12:10 PM

When it comes to military veterans, returning home from service can come with a lot of adjustments. One of those adjustments may be finding or building a house to come home to in the first place. As a lender, there are small ways that you can enhance your offerings to military veterans.

Here are a few ways that financial institutions can better cater to vets.

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What a Homebuyer is Looking for in a Lender

Posted by South Dakota Housing Authority on May 10, 2018 9:31:55 AM

As a lender, your business will ebb and flow based off of the decisions of homebuying borrowers. If potential customers buy into what you're offering, your business can grow in sync. So what are homebuyers looking for in a potential lender, anyway?

Here are four things you should keep in mind when trying to attract new borrowers.

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Mastering Mortgages: Offering the Best Home Loans to Your Customers

Posted by South Dakota Housing Authority on Jan 11, 2018 12:21:45 PM

Lenders and financial institutions that offer mortgages have a unique opportunity—to provide the key to owning a home to potentially thousands of families and individuals. So what can a mortgage lender do to offer the best possible options for their potential and existing customers?

Here are four avenues you should take as a lender to diversify your offerings.

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Understanding Lending Terms: Picking the Right Mortgage

Posted by South Dakota Housing Authority on Jun 22, 2017 2:20:39 PM

You’re driving through neighborhoods, looking for your future home. You find “the one” and start asking yourself, “How will I pay for this?” A lot of homebuyers, especially first-timers, can get confused by the next step—lending. It’s nothing a little preparation and understanding of the right terms can’t solve.

What do you need to know about mortgages? Take a look at these essential terms to get started.

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4 Lender Benefits of Offering the First-Time Homebuyer Program

Posted by South Dakota Housing Authority on Apr 20, 2017 2:30:05 PM

What’s the importance of attracting first-time homebuyers to your bank, credit union or financial institution? What benefits can participating in the South Dakota Housing Development Authority (SDHDA) First-Time Homebuyer Program truly provide a lender?

There’s more than one reason to become a participating lender—here are a few of them.

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Lending in South Dakota: How Your Customers Are Rating You

Posted by South Dakota Housing Authority on Oct 14, 2016 12:04:14 PM

When it comes to building a good reputation in the housing market as a reliable lender, feedback from your key markets is, well, key. That’s why the South Dakota Housing Development Authority’s (SDHDA) regular survey of mortgage lending customers participating in the SDHDA homeownership programs offers some valuable insight into where your customers’ heads are at.

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Coming Soon: 2016 SDHDA Annual Housing Conference

Posted by South Dakota Housing Authority on Oct 7, 2016 10:03:48 AM

The 26th Annual Statewide Housing Conference is just around the corner. Set to take place Oct. 25-26, at the Ramkota RiverCenter in Pierre, the conference will feature plenty of networking opportunities and breakout sessions covering topics ranging from property management and housing policies to development and homeownership.

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4 Things That Can Hold Up Your Mortgage

Posted by South Dakota Housing Authority on Aug 18, 2016 5:47:34 PM


When the excitement of owning a home sets in, you will likely want to make the process quick and painless to get keys in hand as soon as possible.

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4 Loan Options to Share with Your Customers

Posted by South Dakota Housing Authority on Jul 25, 2016 10:11:47 AM

It’s always good to have options – that’s why South Dakotans should count themselves lucky. When it comes to purchasing or upgrading a new home there are choices residents have in borrowing.

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