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How to Sell Your Home as Quickly as Possible


It's time for you to be a repeat homebuyer—but there's still the pesky matter of selling your current home before you can enjoy your newly purchased one. So how can a homeowner make that sale happen as quickly as possible?

Here are a few tips for increasing the likelihood of a quick sale.

Be Reasonable on Price

One of the biggest deterrents to a quick sale is being unreasonable on price. If you're asking for more than is market-appropriate to see how much you can get, don't expect to see offers pouring in. If you set the price reasonably from the get-go, you're more likely to have opportunities to move the property quickly—and are better able to ask for a full-price offer. The first month of being on the market is very important for a property, so price wisely—the longer a home is listed, the more likely a buyer or real estate agent is to think the seller must be too demanding.

Make a Good First Impression

Like it or not, appearances can be everything when it comes to selling a home. The term "curb appeal" should sound familiar to you—and it still matters. Add to your front yard and any angles visible from the road with high-quality landscaping, flowers in bloom and other quick-and-easy yard enhancements. And make sure to touch up any trim paint that's chipping away or windows that might be a little streaky or dirty. That first impression a potential buyer gets when he or she pulls up is important for setting the tone.

Diversify Your Marketing

Work with your real estate agent to find new and exciting ways to enhance your listings to make it even more attractive to buyers. Call on a friend with a high-quality camera to take lifestyle photography of your home that really pops when a potential buyer is scrolling through listings. Perhaps even record a walk-through of the home to post alongside the listing or on the agent's YouTube page to make it even easier for buyers to get excited about the property before they visit. And make sure your listing is in more than one place—social media can be a huge help in this regard.

Re-arrange and Stage

One of the most important things when showing a home for sale is to remove clutter and keep things as spacious as possible—this gives the buyer a better impression of how much room is available in the house, minus all of your personal items and furniture. There are some ways, however, that you can enhance this impression. Consider staging certain areas of your house that may help the buyer envision his or her future in your home—try setting your dining table, for example, with your best dinnerware. Just remember to keep it simple and clean.

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